My Flat Mate is a Tease

My Flat Mate is a Tease

My Flat Mate is a Tease

What would you do if your flat mate was someone as hot as Lady Bug?

You know it would be wrong to act on your attraction to her as she has a boyfriend, but she is so flirtatious and friendly all the time. Maybe she wants to get it on with you, when she uses the bathroom, she always leaves the door open slightly, just enough so you can see in. She’s such a tease.

This time you decide to walk in, and find her rubbing her body playfully with oil, her legs are wide open, she stares at you and tells you to leave but does she really want you to leave? Your eyes close anticipating what she is about to do to you, you feel your pulsing erection harden as she draws you into her warm, wet mouth.

Who could have imagined you’d be getting it on with your hot flat mate in the bathroom you share while sliding your hard cock into her mouth while she looks directly into your eyes wanting more. What more can you do to her, what else is she wanting to do to you?

She wants you inside her, you’re not just flirting with her anymore, it’s now actually happening. How amazing this feels as she sucks on your cock. She glides gently up your torso teasing and licking before she turns around, ready for you to enter her from behind. As you pound away, you grab her hair and feel the excitement which has built between you, but it’s not over yet. She guides you to the bedroom where she spreads her legs and pulls you into her. She screams for you to fuck her harder, then takes control, on top, gliding up and down your massive cock. You want to make her come and feel her body quiver with ecstasy as she orgasms with you deep inside her.

Will this happen again? Who knows, but for now you are going to make this the best sex you’ve ever had with your hot flat mate. This is your fantasy come to life courtesy of VR Porn films, getting you wetter and hornier than any other VR film channel.

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Let help you get your Czech fix from ‘Lady Bug’ and immerse yourself in this hard-core vr porn film with her.

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Filmed in 5K, HD Quality, shot in 180, with 3D with binaural Sound.

‘My Flat Mate is a Tease’ – / A Net Films Ltd Production. Copyright 2023

Lady Bug

39 Mins








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