Top 5 Masturbation Tips For Men

Top 5 Masturbation Tips For Men

5th July 2016   by admin

Most men learn to masturbate quickly and quietly, as testosterone-loaded teens worried about parents or siblings walking in and disturbing their pleasure time. And those secretive, fast-and-furious habits are likely to of continued into your adulthood.

Are you missing out on moves that could make your orgasms even more pleasurable? Try these five masturbation tips the next time you’re feeling the urge.


  1. Gain an Edge

The 5-minute speed jerk is fine for most days. But if you have a little extra time, “edging”—also called the stop-and-start method—can help you achieve a more intense orgasms. Work yourself up to the point of ejaculation and then stop leaving just enough time for your erection to soften a bit. Then start the process all over again. Do this three or four times before you orgasm, and you’ll experience a more powerful ejaculation.


  1. Change Hands

You’ve probably tried incorporating your non-dominant hand into your solo act. You may have even attempted the mythical “Stranger”—sitting on your hand until it falls asleep, and then using it to simulate the sensation of someone else doing the masturbation. Turn your non-dominant hand so it slides down your penis forefinger-first, and twist it as you stroke. You could also try holding your penis against your stomach with one hand while rapidly sliding a few fingers up and down the underside of your shaft. Like switching positions during sex, mixing in unfamiliar hand manoeuvres can shake things up.


  1. Introduce a New Friend

Toys aren’t just for her pleasure. The Fleshlight is a handheld column that you slip over your penis to simulate the feel of real vaginal or anal sex. Get into the pleasure of the moment with the silicone real feel Fleshlight.


  1. Start from the Bottom

Getting to the bottom of masturbation means you should be exploring other areas. Why not try massaging or stimulating the epididymis to bring on ejaculation. The epididymis is located at the very base of your penis, between your shaft and your scrotum, and it stores sperm and links your testicles to your vas deferens. Massage it while you do your thing, and prepare for some wild new sensations.


  1. Bring in the Boys

There are nearly as many sex-specific nerve endings in your testicles as there are in your penis. While individual preferences and sensitivities play a big role in what you’ll enjoy, a lot of men discover an untapped source of stimulation—and more intense orgasms—by pulling down on their testicles rhythmically before ejaculation.

So why not try all these masturbation tips at once for an explosion of pleasure.

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