How to set up the Android VRP player

step by step

Step 1.

When the installation of the application is complete you will be prompted to login using your VRP™ username and password. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it using the link in the application or clicking here.


Step 2.

Once successfully signed in you will be presented with the file browser screen, this is where you can choose the directory where your VRP videos are stored.

Select that folder in this screen and click ‘SELECT’ and you’re done. (You can come back to this point at any time to change the destination if you wish)

Step 3.

Once selected simply put on your headset and you are ready to go!

Once inside, you can gaze at the desired video thumbnail and press the cardboard button. The selected video will then play. By pressing the cardboard button again at any time the playback will stop.