How to set up the iOS VRP player

step by step

Step 1.

First open the App Store and search for ‘VRPlayer’.

Scroll down the list until you find the official VRPlayer by Net Films Ltd.

You can either install the player from here or load up the VRPlayer store page and install it from there.


Step 2.

Once the app is installed via the app store, you must copy the videos you wish to play into this application.

To do so, connect your device to a computer with iTunes installed, Once in iTunes, go to the device section, then use the panel on the left to navigate to ‘File Sharing’.

Select the VRP Player app and drag your videos into the VRP Player Documents section.

Videos Found

If your VRP movies have been successfully copied over, you will be presented with the sign in screen.

Simply fill out your credentials and log in. At this point you should use your google cardboard headset to use the application.

Videos Not Found

If the VRP Player didn’t locate your videos, the following screen will be displayed upon launching the app