Title: Alecia’s Guide to Toys

Alecia’s Guide to Toys image
Alecia’s Guide to Toys image
Alecia’s Guide to Toys image
Alecia’s Guide to Toys image
Alecia’s Guide to Toys image
Alecia’s Guide to Toys image
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Alecia’s Guide to Toys

Your blonde girlfriend Alecia Fox is quite obsessed with sex toys, and she likes to show them off quite often, especially when she wants to punish you by making you watch her solo sessions. That is if you can even consider that a punishment.

Such hot girls are really hard to meet, not to mention dating and eventually banging them, so such dream might be slightly problematic to come true.

Well, thanks to VR Porn videos like this one, now you can – virtual reality technology is indeed is a brilliant opportunity to make all sexual wishes happen, and it helped thousands of men cross their borders and find their erotic fantasies with their VR goggles.

During this session of your “punishment”, Alecia put on some really amazing sexy clothes .The first thing she will do in this session is to tease you with her magnificent body by coming up close to you, allowing you to smell her skin, but not touch.

Her solo session will end with her using nothing else but her fingers, and once she starts rubbing her drenched pussy with them one more time, she will moan out loud during one of the best orgasms in her life.

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Filmed in 4K, HD Quality, shot in 180, with 3D with binaural Sound.

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Length: 17 minutes

Downloads: 1449

Featuring: Alecia Fox

Tags: Alecia Fox, Blonde, sex, Sex toys, Small Tits, Teen, virtual reality porn, VR, VR porn, VRP

Shot in 180º
HD Quality
Shot in 3D
Binaural Sound

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