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Why most premature ejaculation products and tricks don’t work

So, there are TONS of premature ejaculation products and quick tricks that claim to increase your stamina in bed. The sad fact is, they are short term fixes and most of them don’t do a thing.

Here’s the worst ones:

  • Pills – Just for the record. There are no pills on the market that will stop you from releasing early. You’ve seen the ads “Boost male stamina today” blah blah, but they’re all hype I’m afraid, designed to make money… not cure a problem.
  • Numbing creams – This is a bad move for both of you. Yes, they can work for a very short while… like a few minutes, but they also numb her too so she can’t even orgasm! Waste of time.
  • Masturbating before sex – This is something your friend will tell you in school and will kind of make sense for a moment or two… until you Do it. Not only will you be tired from the first pop, you won’t achieve a full and intense orgasm on the second pop, so it’s pointless doing this. Plus, some guys can only ejaculate once a day.
  • Medical procedures – There are some guys (less than 1%) that genuinely need surgery to help them with PE. For most other guys though it’s a mental issue, so don’t even think about going under the knife without trying the techniques below!

3 ways to increase your stamina in bed… tonight

Ok, so now you know what doesn’t work, let’s discuss what does work and the 3 proven ways you can increase stamina in bed, starting from today.

1. Work on your pubococcygeus muscle (PC Muscle)

Your PC muscle is what helps to control the intensity of your orgasms and the ejaculation stage itself, by flexing the PC muscle.Meaning you can stop yourself from shooting too early, if you work out this muscle daily and learn to control it. It can also induce a full climax WITHOUT ejaculating.The best way to work out this muscle is by doing what are known as Kegel exercises, which were developed by a guy called Arnold Kegel.

This is how to do them:

  • Find the muscle – The next time you want to pee, try stopping yourself mid flow. Sounds strange but the flexing you did to stop you from peeing is the same flexing you need to work out the muscle. Another way to tell if you’re flexing it right is by making your erection go up and down. This is going to target the PC area and can also strengthen your erection.
  • Flex the muscle daily – Take 10 minutes a day to flex this muscle, just flex… hold for 5 seconds and release. Do as many reps as you can in 10 minutes and then do the same thing the next day.

2. Triple the amount of foreplay you have

Hold on a minute, foreplay won’t make me last longer will it? Yes, it will.

By introducing triple, the amount of foreplay before penetrating her, will affect you in two different ways:

  • Lowers sexual excitement – Without foreplay the idea of you having sex with a girl and being inside her is just far too exciting and mentally stimulating, which increases the chance of you blowing your load. The longer you spend on foreplay, the less likely you are to get too excited too quickly.
  • Make the girl orgasm a lot more – Most women can’t actually orgasm without foreplay, so the longer you spend getting her turned on and wet, the better it will be for you, because it won’t matter whether you last for 10 minutes… she’ll still achieve an orgasm in that time because you used some killer foreplay techniques and learned how to eat her pussy.

3. Pull and squeeze

This is an easy one, but works a treat, so make sure you use it.

The next time you’re inside a girl and you feel yourself about to blow… take it out, squeeze the head for 5 seconds with your forefinger and thumb, wait for the sensation to go.

Once it’s gone, get down to business again.

It’s a quick fix, but it still gets the job done.

A SHORT-TERM fix for impatient men

If you’re just far too lazy to use the Kegel exercises or even do any kind of foreplay (you’re a naughty selfish boy) then you should give “Stamina condoms” a try.

They have a special lubricant inside the that numbs your little guy, helping you last a lot longer than you normally would. Go for something like Durex Performax, https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex/condoms/ and you should be fine.

I’d also suggest that if it ever happens say something like “wow, I was so turned on there, give me a few mins and we’ll go again, but you are SOOO sexy I just couldn’t control myself”. I think she’ll be cool with it.

You can also try just slowing way down for a bit and usually focusing on her pleasure over yours can help. Even pulling out and licking her a little can do the trick.

So how long should you be lasting in bed?

Well there isn’t a set time unfortunately… however the answer is simple.

You need to last as long as it takes for you to give a girl a penetrative orgasm.

In terms of time, it will be different for EVERY woman.

Some women can orgasm in 5 minutes, whilst others can take 30 minutes or more. For most however it will be around the 15-20-minute mark. It can also be much quicker if you do the foreplay right.

Conclusion: How to not cum fast

Here’s a rundown of what you need to do:

if you can’t be bothered with foreplay

So that’s how to last longer in bed and finally put a STOP to premature ejaculation.


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