Why VRPorn is the Future of Our Viewing Pleasure

Why VRPorn is the Future of Our Viewing Pleasure

13th April 2020   by VRP Admin

Why VRPorn is the Future of Our Viewing Pleasure

Years ago when we were just beginning to see tech companies work on VR technology that had the possibility of not only actually being good technologically but was going to be usable in our own homes, our minds went to one of three places: one – we thought of the places we could see, two – the people we could be in games, and three – the porn possibilities.

Today, all three of those possibilities are a reality. Admittedly, it’s taken some time to get going. The Oculus Rift launched four years ago, and it’s still somewhat rare to find anyone but a hardcore gamer with a VR headset. Of course, as smartphone technology accelerates VR is becoming more accessible, and that means better games, better experiences, and of course, better porn.

VR porn isn’t just about better POV (point of view) videos – the best VR porn is in the highest definition possible and custom-filmed for VR using 180-degree cameras, so you’re completely immersed in the experience.

It’s Not Just Vanilla

When VR porn first started being made we saw very mainstream and general porn – simple guy and girl having sex that doesn’t offend but doesn’t necessarily arouse either, but now more adult filmmakers are expanding into VR and bringing all the niches and categories we know and love, plus new and exciting distinctions between different POVs (female included), quality, and filming styles.

A Fresh Start for Porn

Unless you’ve got straightforward tastes, we’ve all typed in some obscure combination of keywords and found a couple of videos that will hit the spot you’re trying to itch that are terrible quality. VR presents porn with the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, and even a cursory glance over what’s available on VRPFILMS.COM will show you exclusively high quality videos.

Why is there such a difference between a normal porn site and VR porn? Simple – VRPFILMS.COM isn’t flooded with porn that’s twenty years old or filmed by amateurs. While that kind of voyeuristic pleasure will always have its place, VR porn excludes anything sub-par simply because you have to have the right technology to film. Professionals in the adult industry today are much more likely to try to create a truly immersive experience for the viewer – because if they don’t, no one will stick around to watch.

VR Porn Can Be More Inclusive

Vrporn is already lowering the barrier between viewer and actor and that will only get better as time goes on. While most of us can look past the fact that the men and women in our porn are – well, at least skinnier than us, if not better gifted in certain departments – it’s always going to be a mental barrier and a distraction.

While VR can’t remove that feeling entirely – yet, we can select who we want to have sex with (and how) and be fully immersed in that experience. We are no longer watching other people and using our imagination to believe we aren’t actually sat in front of a computer, laptop, or holding our smartphone in one hand, we’re there.

That means you can pick “who” you want to be and who you want to be with, making it much easier for people to experiment with their sexuality and desires without actually having to commit to doing it in real life.

Things are Getting Interactive

Porn has always been a passive experience. You pick a video and you sit and watch it, unable to control the outcome of what you’re experiencing. This is still largely the case with vrporn and any other video or film we choose to watch, but VR porn games are getting better.

In the past, porn games have generally comprised of slowly taking of a woman’s clothes and fast-clicking on various body parts to get her to come, or similarly, to thrust your character in and out. The idea is good, but the reality isn’t exactly sexy.

VR porn games are still in the early stages and have yet to get any serious funding that will push them into the realm of not just being passible or good, but great, The games that are being made by dedicated dev teams are serving the niches who are willing to fund them via platforms like Patreon, so the furry community and BDSM communities are going to get the best games first.

VR Porn Gives Us Intimacy

One of the most profound benefits of VR porn – besides simply giving us better orgasms – is that users are finding that it gives them a much deeper sense of intimacy. Porn, on the whole, is notoriously cold and objectifying, and sometimes that’s just what we want, but many people around the world struggle with a lack of physical intimacy in their lives.

VR porn is going a long way to ensuring anyone can feel sexually fulfilled, whether they have a partner, are single, or aren’t interested in a romantic relationship at all. VR porn is more intimate and personal, you’re actually there with the other people, rather than watching with distance and a profound sense of anonymity.

The Future of VR Will Be Everything We Desire

It’s easy for those who haven’t experienced VR (in any capacity) for themselves to dismiss VR as another thing that hasn’t really happened, like 3D TVs, but the truth is that VR and VR porn is still in its infancy. VR porn will get more immersive, more realistic, and will fulfil our specific fantasies, giving us an outlet to explore sexual fantasies we would never have the bravery, or even desire, to do in real life.

The Barrier to Entry is Falling

Already, you don’t need a high-end Oculus device or a PS4VR to indulge in VR porn and see what it’s all about. VRPFILMS recommends any recent iPhone or Android device, which you probably have sitting beside you right now, and the headsets for which are inexpensive. VR porn isn’t just for those with a big enough income to buy a VR headset simply for porn purposes or for gamers for who porn is secondary, you can get set up with your smartphone in just a few days and start enjoying a modern porn experience.

VR porn isn’t only available on niche sites, either, sites like ours (VRPFILMS.COM) will feel familiar, has videos from hundreds of different adult VR studios, and isn’t all behind a paywall so you can give it a try for free. The videos stream (or download) just like normal, so once you’ve got a headset you’re ready to go. To find out more about recommended headsets, click here. [link: https://vrpfilms.com/rift-vive/ ]

New VR porn videos are being uploaded onto VRPFILMS.COM all the time, it’s the #1 site in the United Kingdom for online VRPORN, so don’t settle for subpar experiences and get watching ASAP.

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